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Persuasive Writing in Advertisements Quiz


English Level 4 -"Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid" by Virginia Woolf
Distinguishing Fact from Opinion

Words and Phrases

* a fact - a statement that can be proved true
   * The price of gasoline has been going up and down.

*an opinion - a person's belief or what someone thinks a people can agree or disagree with what you think or believe
   * I think horses are smarter than dogs.

*distinguish - be able to see or point out the differences
   *Even from inside my house, I can distinguish my husband's car from my daughter's car by the sound of the motors.

*persuade, persuasion - try to get others to agree with your idea or opinion -may use both facts and one's own point of view -to convince (make someone agree) that some action is required

*a persuasion paragraph needs to include facts and examples to support the author's opinion

 *Think about an issue you feel strongly about and try to persuade me to agree and to do something about it.

Quiz on Vocabulary from the Reading

Sample persuasive paragraph




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