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  Literature and Composition 4 (Current Worksheet for Brad's Class)

E! Entertainment Television Explores ‘Royalty A-Z’

April 1, 2005

Today, we will begin a new reading, “E! Entertainment Television Explores ‘Royalty A-Z’” This reading introduces us to review writing.

Today’s Class Work:

1. Hand in your anecdote to be marked by the teacher.

2. Read the first two paragraphs on page 76 of your textbook (or on your handout). Make sure you understand the term “TV Review.” Students should read aloud this section for pronounciation practice.

3. Answer the questions under the heading “Relate to the Topic” in writing, then discuss your answers with the class.

4. Review the list of vocabulary on the side of page 76. Make sure you understand each key term before you begin reading.

5. Follow the “Reading Strategy” exercise together. Read orally for practice. Answer the two questions in writing, then discuss you answers with the class.

6. Read the section on “Summarizing ideas” with your teacher’s assistance. Make sure you understand what “summarize” means.


¨     Complete reading pages 77 to 79.

¨     Make a list of ten vocabulary words. Write a sentence that makes the meaning of each vocabulary word very clear. Bring your sentences to class next week, on April 8.



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