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  Literature and Composition 4 (Current Worksheet for Brad's Class)

Literature and Composition 4
Using Logical Connectors in our Writing
October 1, 2004

Last week, your assignment was to write a paragraph giving examples of three things you learned about poetry. This week, we will examine our writing and work to add logical connectors (transitions) to make it clearer to a reader.

Class Discussion and Paragraph Sharing:

One or two student volunteers will share their paragraphs with us in class. The teacher will type a copy for our notes.

In each paragraph, we will review the key parts needed for successful writing.

After, we will work to add appropriate logical connectors (see the list on page 2 of your handout).

Class Work:

Students will recopy their paragraph and add two or three new (or different) logical connectors. Please hand in your improved paragraph AND your original at the end of this class.


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