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  Literature and Composition 4 Worksheet

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost
 Discussion and Writing Assignment
October 8, 2004

Today, we’ll work together to make sure we understand the poem. After we feel comfortable with our understanding, we’ll begin a composition on a decision that we have regretted making.


Students will share their vocabulary sentences with the class. Some of the hard words: bent, diverged, doubt, grassy, passing, sighed, trodden, undergrowth, way, wood.

Pair Work:

Discuss the poem with your partner. Compare your summaries. Do you agree?

Class Discussion:

We’ll compare our thoughts on the poem and work to understand each stanza together.


We have all made decisions in life that, in future, we may tell others about “with a sigh.” Such decisions have “made all the difference” in our lives either for the better (or the worse).

Write about a decision you have made that, like the speaker in Frost’s poem, you have some regrets about making. Your decision will have made a large difference to your present life.

Write a paragraph of about 125 words and bring it to class on Friday, October 15.


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