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Literature and Composition 4
Writing about an Annoyance
March 14, 2003


This week, we will discuss parts of modern living that annoy us in the same way Andy Rooney is annoyed by his difficulties in "Street Directions." For the break, students will write a paragraph about an annoyance in their lives.

Group Work:

Discuss what annoys you most these days (example: people who follow my car too closely on city streets).

Tell your fellow students an anecdote related to an annoyance. Share your feelings and stories together on at least four different annoyances.


Write your anecdote.

Introduce it with a good topic sentence and general description of the thing that annoys you.

Conclude with a restatement of your annoyance.


Complete a 125 word paragraph on an annoyance.

Bring your homework to class on Friday, April 4






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