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  Writing an Autobiography: Worksheet


Literature and Composition 4
About Ourselves: Learning to Write an Autobiography
February 14, 2003


This week, we will begin to plan and write a paragraph on ourselves. Using anecdotes (missing the train, getting arrested by the FBI), Willie Mays’ autobiography is more lively and interesting for the reader.

Like Mays, you will use two short anecdotes from your own experience to give the readers some idea about your personality.

Thinking on Paper:

Write down two anecdotes that show you at a happy time in your life. Only give a short scene to help us “see” your character.

Make sure you note a behaviour: for example, “I walk ten kilometers each week getting local groceries. Often, my car stays in its parking space for three days in a row.

Make sure you note a physical characteristic: for example, “My hats change to suit the weather and my mood. These days, I most often have a black toque pulled down over my ears.”

See a Student Writing Sample for this assignment.

Homework and Revision:

Join your two anecdotes into one paragraph. Write a strong topic sentence. Write a good concluding sentence, paraphrasing and emphasizing the topic sentence idea.

Bring your homework to class on Friday, February 21.

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