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  Literature and Composition 4 (Current Worksheet for Brad's Class)

“Double Face”: Discussion and Writing Assignment
October 29, 2004

We will discuss the reading, “Double Face” and then develop a good writing topic. This topic paragraph is due on Friday, November 5.

“Double Face”: Small Group Discussion

What has happened to the mother and daughter’s relationship?

How does moving to America make a difference in this relationship?

What other problems have you experienced with children who are growing up in a new and very different culture from your own?

What would be a good writing topic on this subject?

“Double Face”: Whole Class Discussion

Share your group’s answers to the questions above.

Homework Assignment: “Double Face”

Your topic will be decided in class today.

Use vivid language and at least one line of dialogue (spoken words in quotation marks).

Make a conflict clear to your reader between two people or between one person and an outside force.

Include one or two details about the setting (place, time, feeling).

Your paragraph can be from 80 to 125 words long.



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