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Lit and Comp 4
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Literature and Composition 4
Family Stories
April 11, 2003


This week, we will discuss some of our family stories together (ones that help us understand how to behave in life, like the story of the carp in Bless Me, Ultima.) and our ideas about teaching children about right and wrong.

Group Work:

What kinds of stories are told in your family (culture) that help explain the history and ways of your people? How are/were these ideas given to you? Record the ideas/stories from your group.

In Bless Me, Ultima, the boy has always known that it is wrong to catch carp. He, however, did not know why until Samuel told him. In your opinion, is it important to tell children both what is wrong and why something is wrong? Discuss this topic and be ready to share your opinions in class.


Option One: Write about something that you believe is wrong to do. Explain, in detail, using specific examples, why it is wrong to do this.

 Option Two: Write a story that teaches about something that is wrong to do. Use a story from your own family or culture if you wish OR write a story of your own.


Complete your work over our two week break.

Bring your homework to class on Friday, May 2.






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