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Literature and Composition Level 4 
Writing about Protest 
March 8, 2002

Last class, we read the article, "A Courageous Stand," about a black athlete's gesture at the medal presentation for the 200 meter sprint in Mexico City in 1968.

His gesture (raising his fist in a black glove) was a symbolic protest against the way black people are treated poorly around the world.

In Canada, people protest against many things: for example, high taxes and other government decisions. Can you name other things we protest against here, in Canada?

Today, we will discuss things you would protest, in Canada. How would you peacefully protest? Your answers to these questions will help you to plan your paragraph for this week's assignment.

This Week's Writing Assignment:  
(All paragraphs are DUE Friday, March 15)

Write about something you feel strongly about. Explain why you would want to protest against it in a short paragraph. 

Suggest, in your paragraph, an effective way for you, and others like you, to protest peacefully.

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