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Literature and Composition Level 4 
Writing a Review 
April 19, 2002

For the last two classes, we have studied a book review on the novel, Get Shorty. Today, we will begin work on a review of our own. Since we all like to eat, we will practice by writing a review about a restaurant (in any country).

Writing a Restaurant Review

In order to write a good restaurant review, you must include information from each of the four following points:

Food: Name the dishes you tried. Comment on the flavour, the presentation, freshness, spicing. Did the food arrive hot? Were the portions big enough?

Service: Was the waiter helpful and well-informed? Was the table cleared quickly? Did your water, tea, wine arrive when needed? Was your waiter easy to attract to your table? Did you get your bill quickly when you were ready to leave?

Ambiance: Was the restaurant clean? Was it well decorated and comfortable? How were the other customers? Was there music? Was it too loud? Were the bathrooms clean?

Other: Was the restaurant better or worse than others like it? Was it a good deal? Is it a good place for a birthday or other celebration? Should you make a reservation? Is it a good place for a large group?

This Week's Writing Assignment: (All paragraphs are DUE Friday, April 26)

Write about a restaurant you either like or dislike very much.

Make sure you cover the four points listed above. Write about 150 words.






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