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This week, students will be writing a restaurant review using the following steps and this worksheet. A teacher sample paragraph, "A Great Greek Restaurant," follows.

Step One: Choose the restaurant you will review.

Step Two: Make a place for notes according to the four categories.

Step Three: Make detailed notes for each category.

Step Four: Follow your notes and decide which things to include and which to exclude.

Step Five: Remember to use transitions when changing topics inside your paragraph.

Step Six: Make sure you have written a good concluding sentence.

A Great Greek Restaurant

     The Kalamata Greek Restaurant, near the corner of Cambie and Broadway in Vancouver, is my favourite Greek-style restaurant. My family loves to eat the many dishes, including souvlaki, humous, Greek salad and more. To judge a Greek restaurant, the quality of the calamari is most important and at Kalamata the quality is excellent. The batter is light, the spicing is perfect, and the deep frying is just right. Be careful, however, because the portions are huge, so donít order too much food. In addition, the retsina is lightly flavoured of pine tar and served at the best and coldest temperature. The service is quite good overall, but the servers can sometimes be busy and getting the bill requires some patience. As far as the ambiance is concerned, the restaurant is very clean, though a bit noisy due to the hardwood floors. The best thing for me as a family man, is that it is relatively inexpensive to eat there for four. Usually my bill is about eighty to ninety dollars, including wine and a 15% tip. If you decide to go, The Kalamata is suitable for families and groups and celebrations as big as twelve people or so. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes Greek style food.


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