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Literature and Composition Level 4 
Find the Answers, Together! 
April 12, 2002

Last class, we read the book review, "Get Shorty" by Elmore Leonard as reviewed by Ralph Novak.

In today's class, we will work together, in two teams, to create a set of questions to quiz the other students on the information on pages 116 through 119.

The object of the game is to make good questions based on the reading AND to try to fool the other team into answering incorrectly!

Team Question Making:

1) Make ten questions based on the review written by Ralph Novak. For example, "Which word with the first letter "c" means a pessimistic person?" or "What is a word with the first letter "g" that means criminal?" (Your team may not use my sample questions!)

2) Do not use any questions from pages 120 and 121 or any of the other material on vocabulary or comprehension (blue ink). Make sure your team has questions from page 117, 118, AND 119.

3) The teacher will be available to each team to help with any comprehension or other questions you may have.

4) After your team has made ten questions, each team will close their books.

5) Each team will ask, orally, one question of the other team. Any student on the opposing team may answer. ALL answers and questions must be given in full sentences. If correct, the team scores one point. If the first answer given is incorrect, the team scores 0 points. You may confer with each other before the team answers.

6) Teams take turns asking questions until all ten questions are answered. The team with the highest score wins!






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