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  Literature and Composition 4: Opinions and Persuasion

Opinions and Persuasion
January 21, 2005


Today, we will begin reading our text, Pre GED Reading, in the section on Brochures and Advertisements. This kind of reading is important because it helps us to form opinions about what to do (and buy!).


Recently, I read an article in The New Yorker on Hayao Miyazaki, the famous Japanese animation (anime) director. In the article, he is very unhappy to hear that some children are watching his films again and again. Instead, he says, “Don’t do that! Let them see it once a year, at most.” He feels that TV or DVD’s “deprive them [children] of the world they go out to find, touch, and taste.”

Group Activity:

With your group, discuss the following questions. One of your group members will tell the whole class your answers. One group member should write down your answers.

1.     When you were a young child, what were your favourite play activities?

2.     How much reading did you do when you were young? What were your favourite books?

3.     How much TV did you watch when you were a child? Did your parents have any time limits? How many TVs did you have?

4.     What, in your opinion, might be the harmful effects of watching too much TV on young children? Include video/computer games as part of your discussion.



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