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  Literature and Composition 4 (Current Worksheet for Brad's Class)


The Paragraph Checklist
February 4, 2005

Today, we’ll work in pairs to examine each other’s paragraphs. We’ll use a paragraph checklist created by the teacher, Pat, to help us.

Pair Work:


Use the checklist to check the student paragraph. Write your answers together.

Paragraph Writing: Editing Checklist



centre the title on the top line

—the title should not be a complete sentence

capitalize all the words in the title except short prepositions such as on, to, in, and for, short conjunctions such as or and so, and articles such as a, an, and the

—Example: How to Reduce Stress; Winning the Lottery

Indent the first sentence of the paragraph (five spaces)

Double space your work.


—Begin with a topic sentence that contains a topic and a controlling idea

Support the topic sentence with relevant details and examples

—End the paragraph with a concluding sentence that shows the reader your paragraph is finished. This is the writer's closing comment about the topic discussed.


Grammar and Mechanics:


—Check for correct grammar and sentence structure

—Check punctuation and spelling.

Homework: Read "What is Helen Trying to Learn" (page 216 in your new textbook). Write five sentences using vocabulary words you have learned from the reading. Find out who Helen Keller is (from the library or Internet). Write a short paragraph of 50 words to explain what you think the abstract term, "love," means.


Paragraph Checklist Worksheet


Writer:____________   Student Checkers: ______________ and ____________




Make a comment on the student’s title. Is it correct? Why do you like/dislike the title? If there is no title, suggest a title.


Is the paragraph indented and double spaced? Does the student write only one paragraph (as assigned) or is there more than one paragraph?




Check the topic sentence. Do the sentences that follow support this sentence? If not, suggest a better topic sentence.


Check the details. Do these details support one main idea? If so, comment. If not, give a suggested detail to help the student.


Check the concluding sentence. Is there one? Does it make a closing comment on the topic?


Grammar and Mechanics:


Find errors and suggest corrections on this sheet ONLY. Do not write on the student paragraph please.





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