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  Literature and Composition 4 (Current Worksheet for Brad's Class)

"Street Directions": Discussion and Vocabulary
March 11, 2005

This week, we will begin working on the reading "Street Directions" by Andy Rooney on page 58 of your new textbook.

Today’s Class Work:

  1. Hand in your paragraph to your teacher.
  1. Work together in groups of 3 to discuss the following:

Discuss what annoys (bothers) you most these days (example: people who follow my car too closely on city streets).

Tell the other students an anecdote (a little story) about an annoyance. Share your feelings and stories together. One group member should write down some points for each story.

  1. One group member tells the teacher what was discussed in each group.
  1. Now, read “Street Directions” by Andy Rooney (page 58 of new book). The teacher will ask you to read it out loud to practice your vocabulary and help you to understand.
  1. Make sure you know and understand the following vocabulary:

fella, bear, outrage, veer, "lay the blame," direction, mislead, retained, bisected, abruptly, semester, pretend, blunder, accurate


Reread “Street Directions” by Andy Rooney.

Write sentences for the 14 vocabulary words (and one phrase) that show the meaning of each word clearly. Bring your homework to class on March 18.

Prepare for a short fill-in-the-blank quiz on the 14 words!


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