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  Literature and Composition 4 (Current Worksheet for Brad's Class)

Opinions and Persuasion
Too Much Television: Part 2; Writing

January 28, 2005


Last week, we had a very interesting discussion, especially about what it was like for us while we were children. Many of us enjoyed talking about the games we had played when we were young. Today, we will work to make sure we understand our reading and begin to write a paragraph.

Group Activity:

With your group, read the reading “Too Much Television and Your Child’s Ability to Learn.”

1.      Find any difficult vocabulary. Make sure you understand each word.

2.      Discuss the meaning of the reading together and make sure that each group member is clear.

Vocabulary and Comprehension Quiz

All students will take a short, 10-question, quiz. We will go over the answers together.

Writing: First Thoughts

Think about your childhood and the games you played. Now think about today’s children.

Write down your thoughts. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation or sentence structure.

Writing: Homework Assignment

Do you think your childhood was better or worse than the childhood of children living in 2005?

Do children today play the same games together? Why or why not?

Is there anything we can do to make childhood better for today’s children?

Write your ideas in a paragraph (about 125 words). Use a good topic and concluding sentence.



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