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  Literature and Composition 7, 8 and 9 Assignment Page

Welcome to the Literature and Composition 7, 8 and 9 Assignment Page

These are the assignments for the afternoon Literature and Composition 7, 8 and 9 classes taught by Helen.

Wednesdays, 2:30 to 4:15 PM
Sept. 14 – 
*Reading Comprehension
	What do you already know about lions- or best guess 
	*Vocabulary Building – mane, popular, colonel, Kenya, bear, cougar, rabies’
	Between ten and twenty,  difference between things; larger than;
look different from 
	*Word forms – weigh,  weight;   usual, usually, unusual; different, difference
	*Idioms- go without;  tell (things) apart;  without question
	*Extending use of vocabulary
	*Critical thinking skills
	*Writing complete, correct sentences using information from the story.
Sept. 21 & 28 – 
The Many Faces of Medicine
	*Reading Comprehension
	What do you know about acupuncture – or best guess
	*Vocabulary Building:  alternative, scientific, approaches to
	Itchy, drippy, ache,  advise, advice, herbal, argue, practice medicine; 	
independent,   holistic, interconnected, massage,  relieve, tension, practices’
Pharmaceutical, chronic, reflexology, modern, remedies, research,  unconventional,  
prestige,  biofeedback,  hypnotism, homeopathy, chiropractic,
Amazing, muscle, symptoms, allergies, recently, recognition, complement, compliment, 
*Word forms:  effect, effective; succeed, successful; hope, hopeless, hopelessness;   
contradict, contraction; pharmacy, pharmaceutical; 
Alternate, alternative;    prove, proof; treat, treatment; herb, herbal, herbalist; 
Search, research, researcher;  feedback, biofeedback;  suspect, suspicious, 
Combine, combination
*Sentence writing with attention to punctuation.
Using “such as” to give examples.
Homework for Sept. 28:  Research two natural products used in alternative medicine.  
 *Work on paragraph form and write a paragraph. 
October 5 & 12
Mysteries   “The Marie Celeste”
Reading Comprehension 
Predicting:  What might happen to a ship when it goes across the ocean?
Vocabulary Building:  
	Mystery, crew, appearance, deserted, inspect, violence, damage, clues, diary, explanation,
 huge, octopus, curse, voyage, sank, shook, processed, ingredients, eventually, except, risky, leak, 
shortage, bored, century, entry, fact, opinion
*Finding the Main Idea
*Critical Thinking Skills – Thinking beyond the Text,   Finding the difference between fact and opinion.
*Writing – Stating an opinion.
October 19 & 26
Mysteries  (continued)
The Easter Island Statues
*Reading Comprehension
*Vocabulary Building:
	Giants, cliffs, realized,  statues,  huge,  isolated,  solemn, inhabitants, crater, 
palm trees, theory, purpose, prevent, opposite, realized, volcano, contagious disease, lined the entrance, 
hostile, absence, forbid, accept, continent, identical
*Word forms,  continent, continental; inhabit, inhabitants; mystery, mysterious; visit, visitors; 
isolate, isolation, prevent, prevention; giant, gigantic; locate, location, absent, absence; forbid, forbidden; hostile, hostility; enter, entrance
*Find the main idea
*What is true?  What is false?
*Answering in complete sentences
November 2 & 9
Mysteries  (Continued)
Mystery of the Monarchs
Reading Comprehension
Vocabulary Building:
	Journey, insect, explanation, wonder, tagged, tracked, within, imagine, generation, 
reproduces, offspring, cycle, watch, creature, deserted, descendents, eager,
Event, inspect, participate, definition, connect, conjunction, similarity, expected, explosion, vanished, lacked, tremendous, contrast
Word forms:
Similar, similarity;  tiny, tinier;  imagine, imagination; produce, reproduce; legal, illegal; crowd, 
crowded; danger, dangerous;  explain, explanation;  centre, central; 
*Use words in New Context
*True/False Review
*Finding the Main Idea
*Using Conjunctions:  and/but
*Singular and Plural forms – spelling
*Word Forms:  verb, noun, adjective
*Regular and Irregular verbs – use in sentences
*Write a Descriptive Paragraph – a mystery you’ve heard or read about
November 16 & 23
The History of Money
November 30 & December 7
Business (continued)
Mass Marketing



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