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Level 3 Vocabulary Words  June 2, 2000

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Level 3 Vocabulary:
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Vocabulary Notes from Level 3 Reading Class, Eskimos in Japan

Accomplished: is achieved or met the goal. I accomplished my certificate in June this year.
Accustomed to: used to or familiar. I am accustomed to eating potatoes instead of rice.

Help them adjust ( an activity of helping someone to get used to a new place)

What are “practical details”? When I came to Canada, one of the practical details I had to learn was that, in Canada, there are no station names for places where the bus stops.

Evidence (a reason why we think it is true) 

What is “royalty”? Royalty is a person who is a King, Queen, Prince or Princess. The article has Prince Charles. “Distinguished visitors” are the ones who “stand out” above others, such as government officials.

What does “atmosphere” mean? Atmosphere is the feeling in the air. It is sad or happy or peaceful. This feeling is created by the behaviour of the people in the place.

He is called a “deadbeat” dad. A dad who does not care for the wife he marries and the children he fathers. He runs away and hides from his responsibility.

Bedlam is a kind of crazy out-of-control place. Clamoring is what the newspaper/TV people do when they wish to talk to Michael Jackson.

The Eskimo language is called Inuktitut
The Eskimo people are called Inuit.

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