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The following notes come from a student practice session on writing improvement. Includes samples of student writing and teacher comments (in italics).

Weather Words

sunny, shiny, bright, clear, dazzling (very bright) rainy, stormy, drizzly

warm, mild, hot windy, breezy, blowy, gusty, blustery  cloudy

clouds, rain, sun, a gust of wind, drizzle, dust, dust storm, sandstorm (nouns)

blows, falls, shines, drizzles, gusts, (verbs)

foggy, fog, smog, smoggy (pollution), hazy, haze, smoke, smoky

snow, snowing, snowy, snowflake, sleet (snow and rain mix), freezing rain dew frost

thunderstorm, lightning, hail (ice pellets that fall)

Student Examples

I like rainy days. That’s why I immigrated to Vancouver. Rainy weather makes me feel good, so I often take a walk in the rain. Rain makes the air clean. If my car is dirty, it can wash it.

This is clearly written. To improve it, we combined four sentences to make two. Amy should work on making some of her sentences a bit longer, but not all of them.

Rain is good and bad. Rain is good for tree planting and the harvest, but bad for construction and seasonal workers.

Use the style of the second sentence when you have a contrast. In Balvinder’s sentence he shows the both the good and the bad of rain and how it affects people. When ideas are similar or in contrast use one sentence to show it.

This is fall season. The weather is cool. The leaves turn brown in autumn.

Short sentences, but where is the main idea?

I live on the sixteenth floor. If the weather is smoggy, I stand at the window and I can’t see other buildings or the mountains.

Here is something I can see in my mind’s eye. It makes the writing more personal to read. Use this kind of example if you can because it makes people want to read your words more.

Sunny is very nice weather. I like sunny weather because the sun is bright and the sky is clean. Yesterday, it was a sunny day. Summer started in June and so on. . .

Harshika has also used many images (mind pictures) to help us imagine what she sees. One thing she can work on is to remember to stop with a period for each new thought. This helps the reader to understand more easily.

Teacher Examples

Last week, it was drizzly on one or two days. I hate drizzle! It makes me feel damp. If I go out, my hat, my shoes and my coat are wet in 15 minutes. If I want to see mist, I prefer to go to a waterfall like Niagara Falls.

A thunderstorm is very dramatic. Usually, it happens on a sunny, hot day. Soon, the sky grows very dark. The air becomes much cooler. Then, we see a flash of lightning. After that, we hear a loud clap of thunder. It is time to go inside! Often, hail falls and covers the ground like snow. Or, it rains very hard. In fact, it pelts down.


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