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Civic Studies 11 is a study of government, political decision-making, and what it means to be an informed Canadian citizen. A responsible informed citizen can then participate in local, national, and global contexts. The goal of this course is to create informed, active, and global citizens. Read a student article about Civic Studies 11.

Unit 1 - The Good Citizen 
Unit 2 - The Informed Citizen 
Unit 3 - The Active Citizen 
Unit 4 - The Global Citizen

If you are thinking about taking Civic Studies 11 and want to get a head start here are some websites which might interest you. What system of government does Canada have? If you answered Parliamentary, you have some background already. If you want to find out more about our Constitutional Monarchy and wonder why Canada has an absent monarch, visit What is Parliamentary Government to learn more about our government.

This site, Government of Canada, is Canada’s federal government’s official website.

For landed immigrants these sites offer information about gaining Canadian citizenship.

Canada Quiz

Canadian Citizenship Practice Test

NOTE: This course will be offered during the day and in the evening during the fall term of 2012.