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 English at the Pearson ALC meets all needs from basic literacy through English 12. Some courses are designed for self-paced work; classes are held for students who are able to attend on a regular schedule. Outlines below.

Communications 12
Offers a good review of the basics. Writing emphasis. Novel, short story, and poetry are introduced and explained.

Communications 12 Self Paced
Support site for Communications 12 self paced students. Print most course documents here.

English 11 Classroom
Students will concentrate on learning to communicate ideas effectively in reading, speaking and listening and, most importantly, in writing. A student blog is administered by the teacher. Participation at the blog helps students to obtain a higher level of proficiency in written English.

English 12 Self-Paced
Builds on the skills from English 11. Writing in paragraphs and essays that respond to more challenging literature. Prepares for B.C. Provincial Exams.

English 12 Classroom
This course is designed to prepare you for university or college level writing, reading and oral requirements. A student blog is administered by the teacher.  Participation will help students to obtain a higher level of proficiency in English.

Writing 12 Classroom (Not offered in 2011-2012)
The course combines Journalism and Creative Writing. Students will write for and publish an online newspaper for Pearson Adult Learning Centre students. Creative writing by the students will be published in the newspaper after careful editing and feedback.