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Fine Arts 11


Fine Arts 11 is a two–credit provincial course which fulfils the Foundation Studies Requirement of two credits of fine arts at the Grade 11-12 level.

The goal of this course is to introduce you to some aspects of the visual arts and give you the tools to enjoy making and viewing art. On this page you will find the links referred to in the Fine Arts 11 Student Handbook.

      Unit 2: Learning about Visual Elements and the Principles of Design:

 Eyes on Art”:

        Unit 3: MS Paint: 

a) "Paint Samples”: (PowerPoint file) Available Soon

        b) “Multiples: (PowerPoint file) (Available Soon)

c) “Your Favourite”:

d) “Hearts:

        e) “Portraits”:

        f) “Maps”:

        g) “Houses”:

                h) “Emotions:”:

i)  Storm”:

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        Unit 4: Learning the Basics of Desktop Publisher

1.     Unit 4: MS Publisher: “Tutorial”: 

MS Publisher Tutorial

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