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Welcome to Family Studies 12. This is a Grade 12 (4 credit) course. Students must have passed English 10 to take this course.

Two main areas of study: Families in Society; Housing and Living Environments

      Course Texts: Families Today and Homes and Interiors  require a $100 Deposit.  You will be issued Families Today first.


Course Description:

Families in Society looks at how the definition of family has changed and evolved as society has changed. The following topics are studied in depth:

-         Families in a changing world

-         Living in a family

-         Facing family changes

-         Career opportunities


Housing and Living Environments looks at the evolution of housing throughout history and predicts future trends. The following topics are studied in depth:

-         Housing and society

-         Establishing independent living

-         Design for living

-         Consumer housing options

-         Career opportunities



      Course Assessment: 

-         You will be assessed on the projects, assignments, course binder and online work you do in this course.

-         Please see the marks sheet for details of mark allocation. Assignments and Marks Sheet

For online quizzes and tests: Family Studies 12 Online Resources