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This year, Law 12 will be offered in the spring semester, beginning in January, 2011.

The Law 12 curriculum enables students to become legally literate citizens who:

understand fundamental legal principles including equality, justice, and liberty

recognize and act upon their rights and responsibilities

identify legal elements in problems

prevent or address legal problems in everyday life

apply their learning about the law to their studies, careers, and daily lives


Course Content: This course is designed to provide students with a basic introduction to the Canadian legal system.

    Foundations of Law (Principles, Concepts and Sources of Law)

    Foundations of Law (Structure and Processes of the Legal System)

    Criminal Law

    Civil Law (Tort Law)

    Civil Law (Contract Law)

    Law and the Family



Student Resources

At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.