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num"I liked math, but I can’t remember a thing."
"I never really understood math."
"I always hated math, but now I need it for college."

Does any of this sound familiar? Pearson ALC can help. Friendly educators will work with you to find out your math level, so they can match you with the right class, workbook and/or computer program to meet your educational goals. 

Individualized instruction will help you become a confident, successful math student. If something doesn’t make sense, ask a teacher who will be glad to sit down with you until you understand the concept.  


Apprentice and Workplace Math 11


Apprentice and Workplace Math 12

Certificate Test Levels
Required concepts for all Math levels to 10.

Calculus 12: (Introduction, Marks Sheet, and Documents)

Pre-Calculus Math 11 (self paced; print out worksheets)

Pre-Calculus Math 12 (self paced; print out worksheets)

QuickMath: Automatic Math Solutions
Stuck on your Algebra question. QuickMath can show the steps to complex calculations. Be careful, however, to learn how to do it yourself as QuickMath is not available when you write your tests!

BC Math: Homework Depot
Free online tutorials for Principles Math 10, 11 and 12. Excellent student and teacher resource.

Times Tables Practice Page
Practice your times tables with a variety of online exercises.