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Course Description

The aim of Social Studies 11 is to enable each learner to become a participating and responsible citizen of Canada and the world by understanding the past, examining the present, and considering and influencing the future. The course is designed to continue the study of contemporary Canada by examining government and politics, and by examining Canadian society and our relations with the rest of the world. Students then make the transition to a global perspective by investigating such major concerns as population growth, the distribution of resources, and the impact of industrialization and technology on contemporary society.

The course is designed to:

    promote the recognition and use of terms related specifically to social studies

    further develop the skill of organizing information

    encourage the collection, evaluation, and organization of information around a clearly defined topic

    further develop the skill to write independently, give credit for quoted material, and avoid copying from references

    examine material for consistency, reasonableness, and freedom from bias

    recognize primary and secondary sources of information

    recognize relationships such as sequence, cause, effect, space/place, time

    encourage independent and cooperative work habits

To begin this course, please come to a registration session or, if you are already registered, see a teacher in the lab.