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Eng. 10: Current Worksheet October 17, 2001

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English 10 
A Lesson in Internet Plagiarism

This week, we will explore the issue of plagiarism. By the end of this class, each student will understand the term thoroughly. We will work in groups to read and understand an article from The New York Times and will discuss our own experiences as well.

Discuss the following questions in your group:

a. What do you think are the main reasons that students cheat in school?

b. Do you think that there are some kinds of cheating that are worse than others? Explain.

c. If you were a teacher, how would you punish a student who you caught cheating? If you were a parent, how would you punish a child who was caught cheating at school?

d. Would you ever report a friend for cheating? Why or why not?

e. How much do you think a parent can help a student with their school work before it is considered cheating?

f. At what age do you think students start cheating in school? How do you think teachers could deal with this issue early on to keep it from becoming a bigger problem later?

Questions on the Reading, "Lessons in Internet Plagiarism." (Answer with your group) NOTE: To view the article, students may need to take out a free membership in the New York Times.

a. How did Ms. Prestebak discover that the high school student had taken his paper off the Internet?

b. How has the temptation to cheat been increased by access to the Internet?

c. What happened at the University of Virginia with regards to this topic?

d. What did Donald McCabe's survey reveal?

e. According to Cathy Aubrecht, what is a sign that a student has plagiarized?

f. What are some of the consequences for plagiarism?

g. What are some resources that schools can use to find out if students are plagiarizing materials?


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