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Eng. 10: Current Worksheet October 31, 2001

English 10 Writing
Essay on Cheating: Group Revision Workshop

Today, we will workshop the essays we wrote for today's class. To "workshop" means to examine carefully and to constructively comment, with the goal of making a plan for revision. Ideally, each student will work with one partner. Any students without homework may assist two students who have done the homework.

Group Work:

Read your partner's essay through once without stopping. Write a quick comment on the line below based on your overall reaction to the essay.


Read the essay again. This time, stop and mark the best writing you can find. Make a vertical line in the margin to mark the writing you have selected.

Now, choose one of the passages of writing and explain why it works well. Comment on how well the student has "shown" (given concrete, vivid examples) rather than "told." Be specific in your comments, please.

Make one comment only on the student's grammar and no comments on spelling.

Class Workshop

Students will read out their partner's best writing along with their own, personal comment.

The teacher will give feedback on the writing and suggest possible improvements.


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