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Eng. 10: Current Worksheet September 19/20, 2001

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English 10 and Advanced Composition
Old Hands: Writing for an Audience of Peers 

Returning students are "old hands." The expression "old hands" is a kind of metaphor that says the hands of experienced people are "old," and uses metonymy that says "hands" but means entire people.

You, who attend the class today, are experienced students. Today, we will write our advice, as "old hands," and share important information with the new students who will attend next week.

Writing Assignment:

As an "old hand," you have important information to share with a new student. What, in your opinion, should students know to save them time and trouble? Why have you returned? Your answer to "why" will contain the examples you need for this paragraph.

Give three clear examples. Each example should be of a minimum 25 words (three sentences) and appeal to our senses (hearing, taste, touch, sight) in at least one way. For example, "Room 187 is filled with students, and their teachers, who chat while eating a noon meal together."

The paragraph should be about 125 to 150 words long. Write it, first, without any use of dictionary. Write to get your ideas down on paper.

Revise the paragraph at least once, then proofread to catch any grammatical errors. Watch out for: subject/verb agreements; use of pronouns and clear antecedents; omitting or including "the," "an," or "a"; correct diction.


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