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Eng. 10: Current Worksheet September 26, 2001

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English 10 and Advanced Composition
Old Hands: Revision with an Audience of Peers 

This week students work in groups, looking carefully at another student's written work. Revisions will be made for an audience of new students coming to the PALC for the first time.

Group Work:

One student per group will share his or her writing. This student must have done a full revision and proofreading of the homework assignment.

One or more new students will work with each group of writers.

First, write down questions about the PALC taken from the new students. Write three.

Now, all students read the student paragraph, once, with NO discussion, NO dictionary.

Next, all students write a single comment or question about the piece of student writing. How well does the student fulfill the assignment? Are his or her comments aimed at a new student audience? NO talking. NO comments on spelling or grammar at this time.

After all students have written a comment, share those comments, orally, with other students in your group. Discuss the similarities and differences in various student comments.

Finally, everyone works together to PROOFREAD the paragraph. Change at least one sentence to increase its length by 10 words, to make it stronger.

Group Discussion and Sharing:

Share your experience with the class. Each group will give one example of a revised sentence. The teacher will take notes.


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