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Eng. 10: Current Worksheet  

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English 10: Short Story "Lingkuan Gorge"
Creating Comprehension Questions

May 1, 2002

Today, in class, we will read the short story, "Lingkuan Gorge," by Tu Peng-Cheng as translated into English from the original Chinese.

Group Work

After reading it once through, students will work together in groups to create ten comprehension questions. Use full sentences and provide a full sentence answer to each question you write.

Questions must come equally from the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Try to make some of your questions more challenging. Please do not write questions that require only a "yes" or "no" as an answer.

Before the end of class, groups will take turns asking their questions, orally, and inviting other groups to answer.

Questions and answers written in class will be collected in order to create an online resource for other students to use and enjoy.


Prepare for a comprehension quiz based on the best questions taken from the today's two classes.

We will be discussing character and theme and beginning a new writing assignment next class.


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