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Eng. 10: Current Worksheet  

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English 10: Short Story "Lingkuan Gorge"
Writing about Mood

May 8, 2002

Discuss the following questions with your group.

1. The narrator of this story has a change of mood or outlook. Describe this change. What causes him to change?

2. The story conveys ideas to the reader (theme). Discuss these ideas and write a one-sentence summary for each one.

3. Describe briefly the character of the boy, Cheng-yu.


All of us have met someone in our lives who has changed our outlook or mood. Tell the story of one of these encounters, but do not mention specifically your change of mood or outlook.

Like the author of "Lingkuan Gorge," let the story details give the readers the information about the change.

You may write a paragraph, or a longer composition if you wish. See the online examples for ideas:

Student Writing Sample: "Jin's Change of Mood

Teacher Writing Sample: "In Scotland"

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