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English 10: The Essay
Writing about Vocabulary in our Lives

October 23, 2002

Demonstrating the Essay:

On October 23, the teacher will, with the assistance of the class, write a full essay on Vocabulary in our Lives. Plan to attend this demonstration on writing the essay.

The essay will include ideas from the student homework. Be sure to bring yours along!

See the teacher sample essay, Broadening Your Vocabulary

October 16, 2002

In last week’s class, we touched on a number of points about vocabulary in our lives. This week, we will discuss these ideas further. From our discussions, we will decide on some possible essay topics to use for writing.

For Discussion in Small Groups:

How do we learn vocabulary best? Outline an effective method you have used successfully.

What is the effect of TV on our ability to read and write? What is the ratio between reading and TV in your group?

Are we reading enough? How many books are found in our own homes? What do we like to read?

Is it possible to translate complicated ideas from one language to another exactly? If not, give examples of difficult to translate ideas from your own language.

How much does personality influence success at learning a new language? What personalities are most successful?

Writing Assignment:

From our discussions, we will produce a number of potential essay topics.

Choose one of the topics and write about 500 to 750 words on it. Do not worry about organization or format. Put down interesting ideas, facts, examples on paper to share in next week’s class.






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