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English 10: Class Notes  The Folktale:
"The Maiden Wiser Than the Tsar"

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This week, the class worked on the story, "The Maiden Wiser Than the Tsar." See the original assignment here. Please note that your own folktale (first draft) is due in class on Wednesday, October 2, 2002.

Your teacher will post his own sample folktale on the weekend. Check What's New to find the sample. Remember, you are only expected to write about 500 words.

Folktale Notes:

Many of us know the same folktales and they seem to be known worldwide, especially ones like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

"The Three Monks" (carrying water up a mountain) is a Chinese traditional story, unknown to other cultures. The lesson or moral of the story:

Individual work is simple; group work requires new rules; the monks lacked the teamwork spirit.

Many cooks spoil the broth. (Folk saying)

What we find in the folktale is a kind of wisdom about living together in families or groups. There are usually rules or morals in these stories.

When a person speaks in a story, a new paragraph begins. Use quotation marks " " to show the spoken words. Follow the punctuation rules as in the story.

Story Vocabulary:

A person who begs is a beggar; here in Vancouver we call them panhandlers.

Astonished is very impressed or amazed or surprised. (with some shock)

Cultivated is educated and cultured.

Poverty is the state of being poor (without money or goods or property).

Your "wit" is a kind of intelligence.

Flax is a plant made into linen.


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