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English 10: Worksheet on "The Father"  
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English 10: “The Father”
Group Questions and Writing Assignment


With your group, discuss the answers to each question. Choose one person to write the answer, and another to speak for your group. After you are finished, we will share the answers in class.

1. Comment on what Thord finds most important in life by examining his actions and remarks on his first three visits to the priest.

2. The priest’s character is revealed through his questions and comments to Thord. Examine three things the priest says and explain what each reveals.

3. Thord’s son has become a “blessing” to him at the end of this story. What kind of blessing is this? Do you agree with the priest’s statement?

Paragraph Assignment (Homework due on February 12, 2003):

Write a paragraph of about 125 words to explain how the author uses both

direct characterization (“the most powerful man in the parish”)

indirect characterization ( the priest, “took his hand and looked him straight in the eyes”)

Give one example each about Thord’s appearance, actions, and speech that reveal his character.

Finally, note how Thord has changed at the end of the story, and how this change is revealed.










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