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English 10
“Teaching and Learning” by Moira T. Carley
Guided Reading and Group Work

Paragraph One

What is an “engaging lecture”? Why did the young man “mutter” his response to the teacher’s question?

Paragraph Two

Why do you think students “lose interest in learning for themselves”? What is a “state of robotic passivity”? Do you agree with Carley on her points?

Paragraph Three

Why is the “excitement” generated by learning “beyond what they [the students] can imagine”? What is an “intelligent questioner”?

Paragraph Four

Do you agree that lack of “imagination” leads to “boredom and despair” and “lack of hope”? Is learning how to “pass exams” as important as human curiosity in your view?

Paragraph Five

Why does Carley see computer use as positive? What is her caution (but)?

Paragraph Six

What are the two ways that teachers can act with their students?

Paragraph Seven

Do you also agree with Carley in this paragraph?

Paragraph Eight

What are the four levels of consciousness of an “active learner”?

Paragraph Nine

Why would teaching football players be “daunting”?

Paragraph Ten

Do you agree with the teacher that using information from football (“run to daylight”) helps to explain a complex idea?


Preparing for Unit One: Vocabulary (Review Test)

Be sure you know the definition of all terms. For example, "idiom is an expression that has a meaning different from the usual meanings of the individual words within it."—Page 13, Language Exercises Level H.

Do you know if the word "slouched" has a positive or negative connotation? If not, review Lesson 8 in Unit One: Vocabulary.

How many compound words do you know? Could you put together pairs from a list?

What is the meaning of the suffix, "-ment"? Do you know the most common suffixes and prefixes? Review Lesson 4 and 5 for more information.

Homographs are among the most difficult to learn in a language like English. Can you you give the homograph for "a round object" and "a formal dance"? Be sure to review Lesson 3!

Review Lesson's 1 and 2 as well and pay attention to the vocabulary. I will use some of these words on the test.


After the test, we will switch papers and mark it together. While we do, students may raise questions or comment.






English 10: “The Father”
Reader-Based Questions for Paragraph Revision


Reader-based questions (from Peter Elbow's book, Writing with Power) are used to help readers to give better, more personal feedback to a writer. We will use some of his questions in our group revision activity today.

Group Work:

First, students with completed homework will hand in their work.

Second, the teacher will distribute one or more assignments to a group of students (not including the student who has done the homework)

Third, we will answer the questions for the piece of writing Each group will provide a written summary to give to the writer. Please do not comment on spelling or grammar in your summary. Do discuss grammar or spelling if you have time.

Reader-Based Questions:

Will be given out in class.


Take your paragraph home and revise it using the comments of your fellow students as a guide.

Hand in your paragraph next week (February 19) for marking by the teacher. Please include your original paragraph, the comments you received from the other students, and your final revision, neatly written and double-spaced.



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