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  English 10: Current Worksheets (Fall, 2004)


English 10: Class Discussion and Writing Assignment
By Way of Introduction: What We Do Well
(September 15)

Today, we will first write down a brief description of an activity we do well. It can be any activity: for example, one person might be good at making homemade food; another might be good at public speaking.

Take a piece of paper and do it right now. Use point form to write three reasons for why you are good at this activity. For example, “practice often” or “done for thirty years, so am experienced.”

Sharing with a Partner:

Tell your partner, without reading your words exactly, about the activity you do well. Introduce yourself to each other and find out each other’s names.

Sharing with the Class:

Introduce your partner by name, and tell us quickly what activity your partner does well. Share one of their reasons with the class.

Writing Assignment (Done for Homework; Due next class)

 Now, write a 150 word paragraph about the activity you do well.
 Use all three reasons you gave to your partner in your writing.
 Revise the paragraph at least once. It is best to do this one to two days after completing your first draft.
 Bring both drafts to the next class.
 In addition, write down one or two important rules you think are important to good writing. Use full sentences.

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