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  English 10: Worksheet (Fall, 2004)


English 10: Classifying our Errors: Enhancing Revision
September 22, 2004

Today, we will first write a short, classification paragraph. In it, we will classify the kinds of errors of writing we make most often.

This classification should help us to both avoid and correct errors more easily in future.


First, look at your homework. Find errors you’ve made. Or, think about the kinds of errors you usually make (if no homework done).

Second, name some error categories. One category of common writing error is “spelling mistakes” or in special cases, “letter reversal spelling mistakes.” Name three different categories for your errors.

Define each category. For example: Letter reversal spelling mistakes are spelling mistakes where one letter is switched with another beside it in a word; for example I spell “clam” when I mean to say “calm.”

Write a short paragraph defining one or two of your categories. Give examples of your own mistakes as supporting details.

Class Discussion:

After students have completed their first draft, the class will discuss and share some of the examples.

Writing Assignment (Due on Wednesday, September 29)

q       Write a 125 to 150 word paragraph that classifies three of your most common writing errors.

q       Give three examples from your own work.

q       Revise the paragraph at least once. It is best to do this one to two days after completing your first draft.

q       Bring both drafts to the next class.

See a teacher writing sample: Your Teacher's Composition Errors Classified

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