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  English 10: Worksheet (Fall, 2004)


English 10
The Readerís Reaction: Criterion-Based Questions
October 6, 2004

This week, we will use criterion-based questions to examine another studentís piece of writing. Students will work in pairs to learn valuable skills in assessing a piece of writing.

Criterion-Based Questions

According to Peter Elbow, Criterion-Based Feedback, ď. . .is especially good for revising.Ē This kind of feedback is familiar as it is more like that given by teachers.

Pair Work:

Go through the questions on the attached sheet one by one and answer each one in full sentences as required. If you and your partner disagree at any point then both students should write a response (label separate responses with your name, please).


Revise your piece according to the feedback given by the other students in class today. Attach your original essay, the feedback sheet you received, and your revised copy and bring to class next week.

Criterion-Based Questions:


A. What is the overall quality of the content: the ideas, specifically?

1. Is the basic idea a good one? Why do you think so?


2. Is it supported by evidence and examples? What is the ratio of example to generalization? How well supported is each paragraph?


B. How well is the writing organized?

1. Is the essay unified, with one central idea?


2. Are the parts logical? Comment on the beginning (introduction), the middle (body), and end. How well does each part work?


C: How effective is the language? Are there mistakes in grammar, usage, spelling etc.? Make an overall comment and list a few more serious errors here.



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