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  English 10: Current Worksheet (Fall, 2004)


English 10: Essay Writing
Examining Our Writing Process

November 3, 2004

This week, we will examine our writing process carefully. After doing so, we will write a short process essay that outlines the topic, successfully writing a in-class test essay.

Class Discussion

What are our processes? Which come first? Explain the order that is best to follow.

Have you heard of, but never tried, any process?

Divide the processes we need to perform into three groups. Each group will represent one body paragraph.

Homework (Writing due on Wednesday, November 17)

Write a complete essay outlining three steps a student may follow in order to write a successful in-class test essay.

For each step, give specific details.

For example, ďA student needs, first of all, to read the essay topic carefully. What, exactly, does the topic require the student to discuss? Reread to be sure. Students who rush this step risk writing an off-topic essay. (and so on. . .)"


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