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  English 10: Worksheet (Fall, 2004)


English 10
“Feeling a Fool While Going to School”
September 29, 2004

Class Discussion:

What did you like best about this article? Least?

What vocabulary words did you not know? How many could you guess from context?

How does Albert Koehl develop his ideas in this essay?

Small Group Discussion

Review the form of a standard, five-paragraph, essay.

Discuss and share three difficulties you have had with learning a new language.

Be prepared to share the difficulties of your group members with the whole class.

Writing Assignment (Due, in class, on October 6, 2004):

Using the article, "Feeling a Fool While Going to School," as a model, write a short essay on your own experiences with learning a new language. 

Write three body paragraphs of 75 to 125 words on each of the following topics. Try, if you can, to relate something humorous or funny in at least one example.

Difficulties in pronunciation.

Problems with reading.

Something you've learned about a different culture by learning a new language. (as Koehl has about, for example, the verb "to go" in Chinese)

Write a short introduction and conclusion of no more than 25 to 40 words each to complete your essay.

View a teacher sample essay: A Foolish, But Earnest Language Learner

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