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  English 10: Current Worksheet (Fall, 2004)


English 10: Writing Workshop
Comparing and Contrasting: Plan A or B?
Mangia! Mangia!

October 20, 2004

This week, we will do a close reading of the article, while noting the content of each section of Megan Williams’ essay, “Mangia! Mangia!” At the same time, we will share our thoughts on food and eating!

Comparing and Contrasting

Use comparison-contrast development to compare (show likeness) or contrast (show difference).

A.     Make sure to have a clear reason for your comparison (note that comparison automatically includes contrast in its definition)

B.     There are two styles used to organize a comparison or contrast paragraph: Block or Point-by-Point.

 In Block Style a writer gives all examples for one side of the comparison and then switches to the other side. Thus, A A A , B B B .

In Point-by-Point Style the writer alternates sentence by sentence from A B A B A B A B

Homework (Writing due on Wednesday October 28 in class)

Write a comparison contrast paragraph that compares your own (or your cultures) attitude (thinking) towards food. Use the point-by-point style. Examples of sentence structures to use are on the reverse of this sheet.

Is your attitude the same as some Canadians these days? Are you worried about carbs and low fat food?

Or, do you enjoy food and never talk like this; in other words, your thinking is more like the Italians in Williams’ essay. Make a comparison in at least three ways (e.g. according to cooking styles, dieting, etc.)

Useful Sentence Structures for Comparison Contrast Writing

Comparison Sentences

Both A and B

Just as A. . ., so too B. . .

Like A, B

A is as . . B. . .

B also has. . .

A. . .; similarly, B. . .

Neither A nor B has. . .

A. . .; likewise, B. . .


Contrast Sentences


Unlike A, B. . .

A is not as . . . as B. . .

In contrast, B. . .

A has. . .; however, B has

Although A. . ., B. . .

A is . . ., but B is . . .

A is . . . whereas B is . . .

A is . . .; on the other hand, B is. . .





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