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  English 10: Defining Freedom (Winter, 2005)


English 10
Defining Freedom
January 19, 2005

Today, we will work together first to define the term "freedom" as it applies to our lives. Then, we will read a poem titled "Freedom" in order to see one poet's view.

Group Definition:

1. What does it mean to have our freedom?

2. What can we do if we have our freedom?

3. Are there any restrictions on freedom?

4. Do some people have more or less freedom? Who are they, and why are they different?

Writing Assignment (Due on Wednesday, January 26, 2005)

q       Is William Stafford’s definition the same or different from your group's definition? Note the similarities and differences on a piece of paper.

q       Write a paragraph where you compare Stafford's ideas about freedom with your own and your group's opinion. Use today’s notes as a guide. Follow the example paragraphs provided, but do not copy!

q       Write a minimum of 150 words in a single paragraph.

q       Include two short quotes from the poem in your discussion (no more than ten words each). Make a comment on each of these quotes in your own words.


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