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  English 10: Current Worksheet (Spring, 2005)


English 10: Evaluating our Writing about Mood
April 20, 2005

Pair Work

*Note: Students without completed homework may read one of the pieces of writing from one of the pairs of students with completed work. Please do not discuss the piece orally!

1. Trade stories with a partner. Read your partner’s piece once through without stopping.

2. Write a short paragraph that identifies the mood you find in your partner’s piece of writing. (about 25 to 40 words) Do not talk during this part of the work.

3. Now, give the original piece back to your partner along with your paragraph comments.

4. Discuss the paragraph comments with your partner, then share some of the comments and discussion with the class as a whole.


Note: You may have time to begin this work with your teacher in class today.

Read Andrew Binks’s piece of writing, “The timelines of immigrant lives.” (given to you in class)

Choose ten vocabulary words. Write two sentences for each word, showing two different ways to use it correctly.

Bring your completed homework to class next week, April 27.

Remember to prepare for Level H: Unit Three Grammar and Usage (Lessons 28-32): Review Test to be given on Wednesday, May 4.


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