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  English 10: Current Worksheet (Spring, 2005)


The Timelines of Immigrant Lives
April 27, 2005

Class Work

We will follow Andrew Binks’s activity together:

As an ice-breaker, I encourage my new students to draw a "timeline" of their lives, marking major events; then, in pairs, explain them, using whatever grammar they are comfortable with.


Work alone for 15 minutes to draw a timeline for your own life. Mark the major events on your line.

Then, work with a partner. Each partner will explain their major events for 10 minutes (total 20 minutes).

Whole Class Discussion and Sharing

Interesting events on the timelines:


Something surprising:


Similarities and differences:


 Remember to prepare for Level H: Unit Three Grammar and Usage (Lessons 28-32): Review Test to be given on Wednesday, May 4.

Write a personal reaction to this lesson. Write as a short essay, a narrative (story) or as an explanatory paragraph. Length should be a minimum of 150 words. Hand in on May 11.



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