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Welcome to Brad's English Lessons. Here, you will find a list of all lessons and class notes from my English classes held in 2002. Lessons are grouped together along with the corresponding class notes or writing sample if available. Enjoy! (Fall lessons from 2001)


Teacher Writing (Brad; Sentence Emphasis): Going to Granny's Farm
Paragraph demonstrates the use of smell in writing from the lesson, "How to Emphasize with Sentences" November 17

Advanced Composition (Brad, Nov. 13 Class): How to Emphasize with Sentences
This week's lesson for Advanced Composition. November 12

Literature and Composition 4 (Brad, Assignment): "Double Face" by Amy Tan
Find out more about our class plans for this Friday. Includes links to the three student-written quizzes on "The Ghostway." November 14

English 10 (Brad, Nov. 13 Class): Writing about Poetry (In Essay Form)
Full student outline for a five paragraph standard essay on poetry.  November 12

English 10 (Brad, Nov. 6 Class Notes):Three Poems: Sound and Metaphor
Discussion notes from the "Three Poems for Study" lesson includes information on rhyme, metaphor, simile, and paradox.November 6

English 10 (Brad, Nov. 6 Class): Poetry: Three Poems For Study
Link to three poems online for this week's class.  November 4

Teacher Writing (Brad; Using the Senses in Writing):Christmas Smells ; Smells of San Francisco 
Paragraph demonstrates the use of smell in writing from the lesson, "Remembering Smells: Using Your Nose" November 12

Advanced Composition (Brad, Nov. 6, 7  Class): Remembering Smells: Using Your Nose
This week's lesson for Advanced Composition.November 5

English 10 (Brad, Oct. 30 Class Notes):Teacher and Student Writing "Poetry: Creating a Definition" 
Teacher paragraph defining poetry, along with six group definitions from the students. November 1
English 10 (Brad, Oct. 30 Class): Poetry: Creating a Definition
This week: work on your own, personal definition of poetry. Then, find the similarities and differences among your group's members. October 28

Teacher Writing (Brad, demonstrating coordination):"Crossing the Street: A Dangerous Proposition" and "Reckless Road Racing"
 Two sample paragraphs for the exercise, "Putting it Together: Conjunctive Adverbs and the Semicolon."October 25

Teacher Writing (Coordination): "A Successful Marriage" and "A Sudden Marriage"
Two sample paragraphs for the exercise, "Putting it Together: Coordination and Conjunctions." October 19

Advanced Composition (Brad, Oct. 24, 25 Class): Putting it Together: Conjunctive Adverbs and the Semicolon
This week's lesson for Advanced Composition.October 21

Teacher Writing (Brad, demonstrating the standard essay): Broadening Your Vocabulary
Teacher sample essay written with the aid of the English 10 students based on the class, "Demonstrating the Essay: Writing about Vocabulary in our Lives."October 24
English 10 (Brad, Oct. 23 Class):Demonstrating the Essay: Writing about Vocabulary in our Lives
This week: a demonstration of essay writing. Help the teacher in this interactive, on-screen workshop. October 21

English 10: Notes on Group Discussion on Writing about Vocabulary
Notes from our group discussions on October 16 with a number of suggested essay topics. October 19

English 10: Writing about Vocabulary in our Lives
Worksheet for this week's class. We will be preparing for an essay about vocabulary. October 15

Teacher Writing: "Lovely Vancouver Rain and Wind" and "Vancouver Snowstorms"
Two sample paragraphs for the exercise, "It's All in the Details: Writing a Good Example." October 5

Advanced Composition: It's All in the Details: Writing a Good Example
This week's lesson for Advanced Composition.October 1

Teacher Writing (Process): "A Perfect Turkey Made Easy" and "Successful Classroom Teaching"
Two sample paragraphs for the exercise, "How to Do It: The Process Paragraph." October 11

Advanced Composition: How to Do It: The Process Paragraph
This week's lesson for Advanced Composition. October 7

Student Writing: Topic Sentence Examples with Teacher Comment
A number of examples of topic sentences based on last week's lesson in Advanced Composition.  September 29

Advanced Composition: Topic Sentences? Good Rules to Follow
This week's lesson for Advanced Composition.September 23

Student Writing (Jamie): Folktale: "The Judge and the Couple"
Jamie, an English 10 student, writes a folktale that closely follows the plot structure of our original. Well worth reading! November 3

Student Writing (Sally): Folktale: "The Sharp Girlfriend"
Sally, an English 10 student, writes a folktale about a boyfriend who tries to pull the wool over his girlfriend's eyes with amusing results! October 28

Student Writing: Folktale about the Insoluble Project
Ildiko has written a funny folktale based on her experiences trying to do Brad's homework assignment. A creative and humorous story! October 20

English 10: Teacher Writing Sample Folktale: "The Refusal"
A sample folktale for students attending Brad's English 10 class on Wednesday.September 30

English 10: Folktale: Class Notes on "The Maiden Wiser Than the Tsar"
Notes from class held on Wednesday, September 25, 2002. Information on your assignment is also posted here.September 26

English 10: Folktale: "The Maiden Wiser Than the Tsar"
Worksheet to be used in Brad's Wednesday afternoon English 10 class. We will discuss and study the folktale. September 23

English 10: Writing the Test Essay: A Demonstration 
This week, students will assist the teacher with the composition of a test essay. Review the basics at the same time! May 13
Certificate Test Preparation:Two Sample Essays
Two essays, "Second Language Advantages" and "Benefits of Learning a Second Language," written with the participation of the English 10 students, demonstrate correct structure for certificate test essays.May 16
Certificate Test Preparation:Another Two Sample Essays
Two essays, "What is Best in Life is Free" and "The Teacher as Student," were written by Brad in response to two different topics presented to Thursday night's Advanced Composition class. May 18
Certificate Test Preparation:Even More Sample Essays
Two essays, "Reducing the Incidence of Burglary" and "A Life without TV," were written by Brad in response to two different topics presented to this week's English 10 classes.May 23

English 10: "Lingkuan Gorge": Writing about Mood 
This week, students will discuss three questions, then begin a writing assignment based on the story. May 7
English 10 Notes: Questions on Description, Theme, and Character 
Student answers to three questions based on the story, "Lingkuan Gorge." May 9

English 10: "Lingkuan Gorge": Creating Comprehension Questions 
This week, students will read a short story and work together to create a set of comprehension questions. April 29 
English 10 Notes:Comprehension Questions for "Lingkuan Gorge" 
This week students wrote eight comprehension questions for the story. Answers are provided as well. May 1

English 10: Writing about Poetry 
This week, we will write a short essay based on what we've learned about poetry in last week's class. April 22

Literature and Composition 4:Writing a Review
This week, we'll learn how to write a good review. Based on your reading, Ralph Novak's review of Get Shorty. April 16
Literature & Composition 4: "A Great Greek Restaurant" Sample Review
Teacher sample paragraph on Brad's favourite Greek restaurant, The Kalamata. April 22

English 10: Poetry: Sound, Metaphor, and Structure 
This week, we will look at a poem by Michael Ondaatje. To prepare, view the questions and take a 15 question quiz to see if you know poetic terms. April 15
English 10 Notes: Poetry: Sound and Structure 
This week students learned a number of terms, including assonance, consonance, metaphor, and rhyme. April 20

English Skills 3B-C: A Surprising Day: Idioms Worksheet
Idiomatic expressions taken from an April 8, 2002 issue of The Globe and Mail newspaper. Can you translate them into standard English? April 9 
English Skills 3B-C: A Surprising Day: Idioms (Student Results)
Idiomatic expressions put into standard English by the English Skills class. They did a great job! Learn twelve idioms and their standard equivalents.April 13

Literature and Composition 4: Find the Answers, Together!
This week, work with a team to create questions to stump your fellow students. Based on your reading, Ralph Novak's review of Get Shorty. April 8

English 10: Paraphrase: Write it in Your Own Words 
This week, we will have a "guest" worksheet from the Owl Online Writing Lab on the essential skill of paraphrasing. Come work with your fellow students to master the fine art of the paraphrase. April 6 Class notes on this lesson

English 10 Writer's Workshop:Examining, Discussing, and Revising 
This week, we will examine student work (essay) in a full class workshop on making our writing more effective.  March 11

English 10: Results of the Writer's Workshop on the Essay 
Notes and discussion of essay titles, functions of the introduction and conclusion, the body paragraph, and topic sentences. Student examples are used for each topic. March 18

English 10: "Feeling a Fool while Going to School" 
This week, the class will read an article from The Globe and Mail by a Canadian man learning to speak Mandarin.March 5

English 10 Teacher Writing: "A Foolish, but Earnest Language Learner"
Sample essay for the assignment due next Wednesday, March 13. March 7

Student Writing: "Learning Japanese" 
An expository essay written by Perry, based on an assignment for English 10 on student experiences while learning a new language. An excellent demonstration of the use of specific and interesting examples. March 23

English 10: Definition and Writing a Comparison 
This week, we'll define the word "freedom" and then examine a poem titled "Freedom" in order to prepare for writing a comparison. February 18

English 10: Notes on Class Discussion on "Freedom" 
Notes on a class discussion on the meaning of the term, "freedom." February 24

English 10: Working with Comparison Contrast 
Workshop on using comparison contrast. Sentence structures provided for a revision of your paragraph on William Stafford's poem, "Freedom." February 26

Teacher Writing: "Different Views of Freedom" and "An Ideal Freedom"
Two sample paragraphs for the most recent assignment for English 10 students.February 28

English 10: Group Work for The Trout 
Outline of our class activities for Wednesday, February 6. Includes this week's homework assignment. February 4

English 10: The Trout: Comprehension Quiz 
How well do you remember the details of our assigned story? February 4

English 10: Notes on The Trout 
Answers to the four questions on Sean O'Failain's story, The Trout, from both the morning and afternoon classes.February 6

English 10: Guided Revision of a Short Story 
Remember to complete your homework in order to participate in a guided revision of your short story. For class on February 13. February 11

English 10: Notes on Revising a Story 
Notes on a class discussion on the what and how of revision. Excerpts from the excellent first drafts from a number of students along with teacher comments. February 14