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bradWelcome to Brad's English Lessons. Here, you will find a list of all lessons and class notes from my English classes held in the fall term, 2001. Lessons are grouped together along with the corresponding class notes or writing sample if available. Enjoy! (View my 2002 lessons)

English 10: Getting Ready for the Certificate Tests 
Links to quizzes and other relevant information to help you get ready for this term's certificate tests. November 27

Student Writing: Examples for Writing Essays
Student writer, Ada, has done a great job with two exercises assigned to English 10 students to help them write better essays. November 27

New Quiz: English 10 Certificate Test Practice 
Ten question multiple choice for English 10 student practice. November 26

English 10: Essays: Conclusion Techniques 
Conclusions are your last chance to impress your readers. Learn about four different ways to conclude a test essay. November 20

English 10: Notes on General versus Specific 
Teacher's notes on General versus Specific. (These notes were NOT given out in class).  November 15

Advanced Composition: Topics in Threes: Dividing Ideas 
Practice a skill important for writing successful test essays. November 13

English 10: Essays: Writing the Body 
Learn and practice different ways to develop body paragraph ideas.  November 13

Teacher Writing: Hints for a Perfect Vacation (Essay)
Brad's 500 word essay was written in 65 minutes during the Advanced Composition class with the aid of the students in attendance.  November 10

English 10: Four Ways to Begin: Essay Introductions 
Learn and practice different introduction paragraph types. November 6 

English 10: Four Ways to Begin an Essay-Notes 
Notes from class on four ways to begin an essay. Includes two student and two teacher examples of essay introductions.   November 8

Advanced Composition:Commas: Appositives and Quotations 
Learn to use the comma in two more advanced ways.  October 30

Teacher Writing: Teaching Advanced Composition
Brad's latest paragraph shows how to use the comma in appositives and quotations. November 3

English 10: A Lesson in Internet Plagiarism 
This week, an examination of this important problem. Includes a link to our class reading. October 16

English 10: English 10 Essay on Cheating 
This week, come to class to work on your first draft of an essay on cheating.  October 23

English 10: Essay on Cheating: Group Revision Workshop 
Be sure to bring both copies of your essay for the class workshop.  October 30 

English 10: Notes on Group Writing Revision 
Notes from class on group revision. Includes student writing samples with teacher comments for each. November 1

Advanced Composition: Making the Dash Work for You 
Come learn to use the dash in two ways—as an interruption and as an informal colon. October 23

Teacher Writing: The Jaywalker
Brad's latest paragraph demonstrates two uses of the useful mark of punctuation—the dash.  October 28

Advanced Composition: The World: Changed Forever? 
Many commentators have stated that Sept. 11 has changed our world forever. Learn comparison structures to express your views. October 16 

Teacher Writing:How My Life Has Changed
Brad's latest paragraph on the personal effects of September 11 demonstrates comparison contrast structures. October 20

Advanced Composition:Description: Writing about a Place 
Find out about and practice the four rules of good description  

Teacher Writing: A Special Haven
Brad's latest paragraph demonstrates descriptive writing. Find out about one of his favourite places.  October 13

English 10: Group Questions and Writing Assignment 
Class worksheet for the story, "The Father."  October 9 

English 10: Notes from class on "The Father." 
Teacher notes written after the two class held on October 10. Important to read. October 11

Advanced Composition: Using the Infinitive as Noun 
Practice using the infinitive as subject, subject complement, and object in Thursday's class. October 2

Teacher Writing: My Job at the Telephone Company
Brad's latest paragraph demonstrates three uses of the infinitive noun.  October 5

English 10: A Real Character: Exercise in Description 
Discover how writers use description to bring us interesting characters by doing it yourself! For October 3 class. October 2

English 10: Notes on Exercise on Description 
Teacher notes written after the two class held on October 3. Important to read. October 5

Student Writing: My Father 
Grade 10 student Jason writes a moving description of his father. In response to the assignment, "A Real Character: Exercise in Description." October 15

Advanced Composition: Using the Gerund Noun 
Writing well demands a good command of the gerund noun. This class practices three ways of using the gerund. September 25

Teacher Writing: Pilates for the Mind and Body
Brad's latest paragraph demonstrates three uses of the gerund noun.  September 29

English 10 and Advanced Composition Assignment:
Old Hands: Writing for an Audience of Peers
Assignment is especially for returning students. A chance to share your knowledge of the PALC with the new students. September 17

Teacher Writing: An Old Hand at Returning to School
Brad's second paragraph written for this week's assignment on Old Hands: Writing for an Audience of Peers (English 10 and Advanced Composition). September 23 

Teacher Writing: Navigating the PALC: A Teacher's View 
Brad's response to this week's assignment on Old Hands: Writing for an Audience of Peers (English 10 and Advanced Composition). September 20

English 10: Old Hands: Revision with an Audience of Peers 
Revision workshop. Bring your completed writing for improvement. Welcome to the new students. September 25