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English 10: Teacher Writing   May 24, 2000

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This teacher writing is a sample for a certificate test essay. The essay is 366 words long and was written in about one hour and not edited after that time. English 10 students are required to write a 300 word essay. 

1. Discuss what you think are the most important characteristics or values of your generation (the group of people about the same age as yourself).

Talking about My Generation

      In the early 80's, I walked across the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver. Not alone, however. With me were over 50,000 others, mostly of my generation, on the Walk for Peace. The desire to stop the nuclear arms race was an important goal of ours. Illustrative, I think, of one of three important qualities of my generation. 

     That desire for peace has been an important characteristic of my generation for a long time. I grew up in the 60's and early 70's. At that time, many of us took part in demonstrations against the Vietnam War. In high school, classes were dismissed so we could demonstrate against nuclear testing in Alaska. Many people of my generation have dedicated their lives to world peace, and lately we have seen success: US and Russian nuclear weapons are half their 1980 levels, and nuclear disarmament is agreed upon worldwide. 

     Another characteristic of my generation was our participation in the "sexual revolution." Ours was the first generation that had access to safe and reliable birth control. Many teenage girls took the birth control pill. The idea of "free love," although it sometimes led to disaster, made it easier for men and women to safely explore their sexuality before marriage. The sexual revolution gave us power, especially to women, and the world was changed forever. 

     The most important characteristic, however, is that many of us are deeply concerned about the environment. The results of my generation's activism are evident everywhere: blue boxes for recycling, compost pick up, reduction in tailpipe emissions. In 1980, my friends and I already separated all our glass, tin, and paper and then took it to the recycling depot in Vancouver, an unfriendly and dirty place at that time. We will have to continue to work hard in future to secure a safe environment for our children. 

     My generation has important and world changing qualities. Although not all of us have participated equally, it is sure that we will continue to have a large impact on North America. We are nearing 50 years old, an age where people of my generation will become successful in politics and then, who knows what changes will come.







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