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This week, the students learned about Essays: Writing the Body  Before we discussed the worksheet, the students and teacher worked on understanding the concept of general versus specific. The teacher advises that the more specific a writer becomes, the easier it becomes to "fill the space" of, for example, a 500 word essay.

General versus Specific

The classes worked on two subject (topic) terms: "Cars" (morning class) and "Gasoline" (afternoon class).

The terms, "Cars" and "Gasoline" could be both general AND specific. Words above "Cars" or "Gasoline" are more general. Words below are more specific.

From General to Specific for the term, "Cars."

Honda Civic
Red Honda Civic
Ken's Red Honda Civic
Ken's Specially Customized Red Honda Civic (Essay Topic) 
for body paragraphs:
    Specially painted
    Custom upholstery

From General to Specific for the term, "Gasoline."

Gas Stations
Gas Station Pricing
Buying Gasoline
Consumer Behaviour at Gas Stations (Essay Topic)
 Subtopics for body paragraphs:
   Dangerous driving
   Time wasting
   Financial Sense?

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