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  The Process Paragraph

The Process Paragraph Explained

A process paragraph explains how to do something, create something, or understand something.

For example,

how to build a model plane,

how to write an essay.

Preparing a Process Paragraph

List the steps in your process from beginning to end.

Make sure that:

all steps are included

they are in logical order

each step is clear

the last step shows the finished product

Making a Cake: A Process Example

Here’s a sample list for How to Bake a Cake:

assemble ingredients

mix the batter

bake the cake

make frosting

remove cake from oven

frost the cake after cooling

eat and enjoy!

Assignment: A "How To" Paragraph

Write a paragraph of about 125 words that shows the steps for doing something you know well.

State the purpose in your topic sentence.

Include every major step. Make sure each step is in the correct order.

State the value of knowing this process in your concluding sentence.

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